The Ripple Effect by Jim Johnson

In the past, I have facilitated groups at work that I called “Emerging Leaders”.  I met with these groups for just 1 hour each week.  We worked through Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge as well as John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

In one of our sessions, we discussed the Ripple Effect.  Olson explains this:

“When you create positive improvements in your life, you create positive ripples that spread out all around you, like a pebble of positivity dropped in a pond.”

And the ripple effect can impact others to do the same…

“When you reach out and positively affect one other person through your interactions and words, you create a slight change in that person, who is then more likely to reach out and positively affect someone else.  Simply put, one touches another,  who touches another, who touches another.”

Are you looking for improvements within your team?  Are you overwhelmed at the thought of moving the entire team towards better results, increased improvement?

Take the time to invest in a couple key team members who are positive influencers.  Help them see their potential.  Give them solid tools for success.  Fan their flames.

If they are truly people of influence, the ripple effect can work.  As these key team members demonstrate positive results, work habits, healthy collaboration, this can ripple to others.  As you coach all of your team, encourage growth and development.  Point out the positive and address what needs to improve.  But get your team to work together towards success.  Make this your culture within your department.

The ripple effect can work for you.

Leadership Development – a One-and-Done Approach? by Jim Johnson

Since November, 2017, we have hosted the First Fridays Fort Wayne leadership development/networking forum almost every month (we take July/August off).  At each of our events, we have brought in dynamic, local leaders from Fort Wayne and NE Indiana.  Your feedback and support has been very positive to all of this.  We’ve been exposed to great leaders, great organizations and great ideas:

  • Entrepreneurship – Nate Reusser & Jeff Hoffman
  • Innovation – Karl LaPan
  • Coaching & our Leadership mindset – Jordan Langs & Dr. Matt Lucas
  • Financial Wellness – Don Cates
  • Thriving – Brenda Gerber Vicent
  • Business Success – Wayne Robison
  • Leadership Under Fire – Matt Konkler
  • Leadership Legacies – Marlin Stutzman
  • Finding Your Purpose – Barry Schrock
  • Leadership Capacity – Donovan Coley
  • Communicating Like a Pro – Heather Herron

There were more.  And much more is coming!  But is this all there is to it?  We just attend a forum, listen, and then leave?

In my opinion, there IS more.  Indulge me as we learn something from a Greek grammatical tense – present perfect.

What is that?!  Present perfect simply means “an ongoing result of a completed action.”  In other words, we hear one of the lessons above (the completed action) but then we realize the results of what we’ve heard by putting it into practice (our ongoing result).

Let me suggest some ideas that you can employ to make sure you are getting to most (the ongoing result) from your First Fridays Fort Wayne experience:

  1. Take notes.  Write down something new you’ve just heard during a presentation.
  2. Re-read your notes.  At some point after the forum, review your notes.  Jot down other impressions or follow-ups that come to you.
  3. Share your thoughts.  Share what you have learned with someone else.  When you write something down, review it, and then verbally share it with someone else, you are embedding that information into your mind giving yourself a better chance at creating your “ongoing result.”
  4. Watch the YouTube presentation again.  In Season 2, we have begun to provide the presentations on our YouTube channel (First Fridays Fort Wayne).  Listening to a presentation again allows us to “catch” something we may have missed the first time.
  5. Do it.  You’ll hear outstanding insights.  Now put them into practice (ongoing results).  Put your knowledge into action.

In the New Testament, the book of James says this about this ongoing results practice:

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only… James 1:22

Our desire at First Fridays Fort Wayne is to help leaders grow and network.  Our goal in this post is to help provide some further insight in the growth arena.

Remember this:  when leaders get better, their companies/organizations become better.  When that ongoing result happens, our city, county, region, state, country, and world becomes better.

Thank you “doing” First Fridays Fort Wayne – and continually doing the work in your personal, leadership journey.

ongoing results