Magnetic Influence

John Maxwell defines leadership as “influence – nothing more, nothing less.”  I agree with him. We’ve all been around influential leaders.  We tend to know one when we see/hear one.  History has revealed influential leaders introducing great things such as peace, service, prosperity, and unity.  Other influential leaders will forever be known for destruction, hate, fear, and death.

So how do you become a more effective, influential leader (of course, the positive kind)?  Is it the position you rise to that determines your influence?  Is it the number of people you have “under” you?  Is it the letters after your name (i.e. CEO, CFO, etc.)?  Is it the neighborhood or club you live in/belong to?

I recently read a book by Dani Johnson.  Hers is a story of starting off life in more than dani johnsondifficult circumstances.  She took personal responsibility, focused, and turned her life around.  She has spoken in front of hundreds of thousands and has been interviewed in front of millions.  She teaches what she did to become successful.

She teaches about FOCUS.  “Whatever you focus on is what you get good at.”  This is a simple but true statement.  Zig Ziglar reminded us how important focus is.  He has asked his audiences how they prepare to go on vacation.  He outlined how we all make lists, attack those lists, and get so much done in the week or two before we embark on the trip.

He then asked how our work performance would change if we approached it as we did on vacation prep. Ouch!  Dani writes this describing her own personal realization about focus:

“Chitchatting with coworkers was not going to make that happen.  Sitting at my desk and thinking about what I might do that day was not going to make that happen. Tinkering with different activities that had nothing to do with getting results had to stop….”

We spend lots of things, but when we spend time, it’s gone.  When we invest our time, great things can happen.

So, you want to become an influential leader?  How are you investing your time?  How’s your focus?

“If you’re not faithful with your time, you life spins out of control.  Your life gets sucked into destruction.  Your life gets trapped in an unproductive cycle that destroys your confidence and eventually leads to depression.  However, if you are faithful with your time and if you focus, you will be given more.”

Today, let’s focus.  Do the work and get results.  Insure the team you’ve been blessed to lead understands their mission today.  As a leader, you get results through others.  Are you?  Focus and help your team focus.  It is not a drudgery.  Focused performance is full of purpose and meaning.

In your personal routine, add activities that will help you grow your influence.  Read.  Spend time with quality leaders.  Be mentored.  Invest your time instead of spending it.

Reach your potential.  Grow your influence.  We need you to be the influential leader you can become!

focus quote by George Lucas

Jordan Page – NE Indiana Entrepreneur

I saw this in this morning’s news. I was inspired by this young man’s drive. The following link is the news story from 21Alive here in Fort Wayne:

You can follow Jordan and his upcoming magazine, Tillman, on Instagram. Here is that profile link: Tillman Magazine on Instagram

Leadership Gold Workshop and a Special Deal

Ray Abbott, a First Fridays regular, is conducting a workshop entitled “Leadership Gold” based upon the John Maxwell book with the same name.

Ray has a special code our First Fridays community can use to get a 50% discount! Here is the link to the workshop registration:

Leadership Gold Workshop Registration

Use the code FirstFridays to get 50% off! Thank you, Ray!

Lunch with Leaders – Nate Reusser & Brandon Noll

The latest post by Jere Johnson

It is a ten-minute drive west of Fort Wayne, but it is worth every expense to have a visit with two of Roanoke’s finest.  First, the Joseph Decuis Emporium where the hardwood floors and vintage décor gives you a warm feeling when you enter and the food was fantastic.  However, my main reason for traveling to Roanoke was to have lunch with two wonderful friends of First Fridays, Nate Reusser and Brandon Noll of Reusser Design.

Reusser Design is a progressive, innovative web development and design agency based in Northeast Indiana. They specialize in web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, e-commerce, content strategy and much, much more.   The more is what I learned at lunch with these two men.

When Nate walked into the café, he was warmly greeted by name by the host engaging in some local conversation.  “It is important to me to be involved in our community because my name is on everything we do and we want to give back to our area”, shared Nate, CEO of Reusser Design.  Their company is extremely busy with new accounts and new hires, but they want to make a difference for others around them.

Brandon has taken his networking to new levels.  He is one of the men who has earned the right to be a part of Parkview’s Cookin’ Men on April 21st at the Grand Wayne Center.  He will compete with other men for the grand prize.  I would love to tell you what he is cooking up, but you will have to attend the event to find out.

What I love about these men is that they are amazingly relational.  They are champion networkers at our First Fridays meetings and embrace the need to make new relationships to build their growing company.  As their business continues to grow, you will see Brandon and Nate’s leadership guiding the way.

Come to our next meeting and I am sure you will have the opportunity to meet these wonderful men.  (For a hint where to find them, check the second row from the front, you will find them there, coffee in hand.)

Lunch with a Leader – Scott Druhot

scott druhotHave you ever spent time with a friend that just brightens your day?  Scott Druhot is that person for me.  I have gotten to know Scott last fall through my brother and other First Friday’s friends.  His personality and caring nature brings the best out in others.

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst 1440, a Leadership Consulting Group, designed to deliver outstanding service and results for their business partners.  After successfully executing the 2018 Catalyst Leadership Experience in Fort Wayne this past January, Scott has engaged with leaders from across the area and into several states.

There is no question; he is a busy man.  Whether he is teaching at Huntington University, mentoring students, executive coaching, or playing taxi driver for his children, Scott continues to strive to excel in whatever service he is providing.

If you are looking for real, positive, feedback, and solutions for your business or personal strategic plan, do not hesitate to collaborate with Catalyst 1440 and Scott Druhot.  What I love most about being around Scott is that he knows how to encourage in the right way to get you motivated for action.  Make time in your schedule to connect with Catalyst 1440.

Written by Jere Johnson

Lunch with a Leader: Marlin Stutzman

marlin stutzmanI (Jim) had the privilege of having lunch with Marlin Stutzman today.  Marlin, as you know, was the former Congressman from the 3rd District in NE Indiana.

This man is one busy person!  He manages to balance several businesses and ventures in Indiana and out of state.  He supports his wife as she runs for a State office and they both stay busy with their kids.  And then there’s a flooded basement (but that’s another story…)

Marlin served in Congress for 6 years.  Upon completing his service to our State, he began his work with WishBone Medical where he now serves as the Chief Development Officer.   What does WishBone do?

“WishBone Medical is a Warsaw, Indiana based pediatric orthopedic company dedicated to the unmet needs of children suffering from orthopedic challenges.            Our commitment is to provide global access to anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single use, disposable kits for children who are still growing, because kids are not just little adults.”

Beyond WishBone, Marlin is very involved in Stutzman Power Equipment, Ava Laurenne Bride, and the Principal Partner of The Stutzman Group, LLC.

We talked about balancing all of this.  Marlin said he is blessed to be in business and involved with mostly family members.  This can be challenging for some, but Marlin said the family works well together to make so much of this work.  His parents were great role models on how to serve and lead.

In my experience in watching and following Marlin in his time in Congress and now meeting with him, it is clear that he is a servant leader.  He is passionate about helping others and connecting them with others who can help them succeed.  He shared an incident just the other day where he was able to directly help a Goshen-based business owner trying to recover and reopen after northern Indiana’s recent floods.  Marlin’s efforts helped this business reopen quickly to avoid any more loss in revenues.

Innovation, servant-leadership, business growth – all this and more is Marlin’s heart.  And here’s the good news for us – Marlin will be a featured presenter at next year’s First Fridays!  We will be building out our 2018-2019 calendar soon, so be looking for Marlin’s month.

Leverage experiences.  Serve others.  Build businesses.  Marlin Stutzman is doing this here in NE Indiana.