Defining Leadership by Dr. Matt Lucas

img_2736-1Dr. Matt Lucas was one of our guest speakers in 2018.  He is the Chancellor at Indiana Wesleyan University – National and Global.  Here is an excerpt from a recent article he published on LinkedIn.  You can read the entire article and follow Dr. Lucas by clicking on the link provided below:

“I have read hundreds of definitions of leadership, from the very academic to the practical, from paragraphs to single words (Influence à la John Maxwell). As I think about leadership and observe effective leaders I want to follow, I see them answering four questions as they define and embody leadership:

1.      How does the leader interact with followers?

Leaders are always answering this question. How they answer this shapes the culture of their team, department or organization. From dictate to serve, there is a range of verbs (command, direct, guide, empower) that reflect the leader’s heart. Of course, there is a time for each, but the leader’s true self is revealed in times of stress. And we have all been around the leader who professes one verb but lives another.

2.      How does the leader describe those who follow?

I am always listening for the way the leader describes those around her. On one end of the continuum are words like partner, colleague, team member—terms that shrink the distance between leader and follower—and at the other are words like subordinate and supporter that increase the distance and draws attention to the gap.

3.      What does the leader add to the relationship?”

Read the rest here:

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March 1 New Venue

We announced last week that we are moving the March 1 First Fridays Fort Wayne event to Sweetwater.  The reason?  Registrations were coming in to the point we realized our current location would not hold the crowd we are expecting.

Someone asked me the other day if this was a permanent move – it is not.

If you have not registered yet, please click on the image below.  While Sweetwater’s space can accommodate many more, there are still seating limitations.  Contact a friend/colleague, and both of you register today.  Remember, these events are free.

See you at Sweetwater on March 1!

March 1 2019 Heather Herron flyer



Heather Herron – March 1 Presenter!

We are pleased to announce that Heather Herron will be our March 1 presenter at First Fridays Fort Wayne!   Be watching for the registration announcement coming very soon.  We will guarantee no polar vortex!

March 1 2019 Heather Herron flyer

Latte with a Leader – Barbara Dyrcz

Full disclosure…I am not a fan of Starbucks.

barbaradyrczHowever, I am a new fan of Barbara Dyrcz.  We met there over a latte and hot chocolate to discuss First Fridays, the future, and faith.  Barbara’s background is paving the way for new roads in her life.  After graduating from Trine University, she served as an intern at Ambassador Enterprises, which lead to a full-time position.  She quickly took over their internship program that fueled her fire to start her own company.

Barbara wants to help start the story for college students by connecting them to companies who desire to start an internship program.  If you are a part of a company that does not have such a program, but would be interested in the future, please connect with Barbara Dyrcz about these opportunities.

Fort Wayne continues to be blessed with amazing young leaders, and Barbara will be making a difference in our community very soon.  How do we meet all these incredible leaders?  First Fridays, of course.

Come out on the First Friday of every month and meet seasoned executives and young adventurous learners that can add value to your leadership journey.  Thank you, Barbara, for connecting through First Fridays and we will be following your future closely.


Submitted by Jere Johnson