February 1, 2019 Presentation Announced!

feb 1 2019 featuring barry schrock

The February edition of First Fridays proves to be another value-added event you are going to want to participate in.  Barry Schrock, a First Fridays faithful attendee, will be our presenter.

Barry is a:

Right…that’s a lot!  And you will find Barry to be a thoughtful, influencing, energetic, caring, smart leader who loves to make people think and become better.  It is a passion of his.

We’ve all heard the terms “high performance”.  Where does that come from?  Barry will address this as he unveils his thoughts about how we can lead in the present moment.

Eventbrite registration will be open soon.  Take the time to invite a colleague to attend with you on February 1.  We will announce when registration is open.

Thank you for your ongoing support of First Fridays.   Thank you for inviting friends and colleagues to attend with you.  Thank you for your time investment to become a better leader.  Our community, our companies, and our teams are becoming better as a result.