Why is Networking So Important?

I received a LinkedIn message last evening from one of the “regulars” to First Fridays.  Dan Hansen (The State Bank & Trust) wanted to talk with me about something.  So I called him early this morning.

Dan HansenDan informed me that a neighbor of his was a member of my credit union.  She had a service issue.  Instead of seizing the moment and capturing new business, Dan took the road of integrity and reached out to me.  He even spoke highly of my credit union, and he promised his neighbor to follow up.  He did.

Our team has resolved the issue now because Dan – a banker/competitor – brought this my attention to allow us to do service recovery.  He didn’t have to.

You see, a relationship has formed.  This has happened because of networking…because of something such as First Fridays.  Networking relationships began and resulted in this circumstance – believing the best in each other, following up, becoming better.

Does networking matter?  Yes!  Thank you, Dan Hansen, for all of this. I appreciate your integrity in this situation.  I truly do.

Chicken & Web Development

What does chicken and web development have in common? Come to First Fridays tomorrow from 8-9 am to find out. We still have some seats available. RSVP here:

December 1 RSVP Ticket Reservation


Ownership – focus of December 1st’s First Fridays event

On Friday, December 1, our featured guests will be Nate Reusser, owner of Reusser Design and Jeff Hoffman, owner of Chick-Fil-A at Jefferson Pointe.  What does a web design agency and a chicken restaurant have in common?  Good question.

Come to First Fridays to find out!

Nate and Jeff will sit down with Jim to talk about their entrepreneurial journey, how leadership has changed for them, and what traditional business leaders can learn from entrepreneurs.

Mark your calendars.  RSVP here:  December 1 First Friday Ticket Reservation

Bring a colleague, a notebook, and your business cards.  Make the most of the hour on December 1.  You’ll be glad you came.