Leadership Gold Workshop and a Special Deal

Ray Abbott, a First Fridays regular, is conducting a workshop entitled “Leadership Gold” based upon the John Maxwell book with the same name.

Ray has a special code our First Fridays community can use to get a 50% discount! Here is the link to the workshop registration:

Leadership Gold Workshop Registration

Use the code FirstFridays to get 50% off! Thank you, Ray!

June 1 Women-Only Event!

June 1 promo

Registration is now open for this exciting event coming up on Friday, June 1 at Sweetwater.  As always, this is a FREE event.

To register, follow this link:  JUNE 1 Registration

Brenda is a dynamic speaker and influential leader.  You will love her heart as she challenges us to be our best.  You will not want to miss this!

As stated, this is a women-only event.  Please share this post with others and help spread the word.  Seating for this event has been expanded, but it is still limited.  Register now to reserve your spot.  Invite a friend or two to attend with you.

Thank you to Sweetwater for hosting this unique event.  We appreciate their hospitality and generosity!


3 Ways To Walk In and Make A Stranger Like You by Ben Kissam

A great article to help you connect with others.

A lot of research has been done on how we build rapport, to the point that specific techniques have emerged. There are, in fact, repeatable and measurable ways you can incorporate into how you communicate that can help someone you’ve never met like, trust or relate to you better. Think of how useful that might be for enhancing your career, business or family life.

Follow this link to read the entire article: https://www.goalcast.com/2017/09/20/3-ways-walk-make-stranger-like/

What’s Next for First Fridays?

We had a record attendance at last Friday’s forum!  Todd Baumann did an outstanding job. Here is what will be happening in the months to come.

On March 2, Brian DeCook will be our presenter.  Brian is the CEO of Peacefire.  He will be sharing how we can respond best to conflict.  You can register for this free event by following this link:  March 2 First Friday RSVP

confused and scared manAs we shared last Friday, our April event will not be on the first Friday because of Spring Break.  Instead, we will be having First Fridays on the 2nd Friday which is Friday the 13th of April.  Got it?

Our guest will be the new football coach of Indiana Wesleyan University, Jordan Langs (not pictured…).

May 4 will feature Don Cates, CEO of 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.  Don will be speaking on Financial Wellness.

Our last First Fridays forum before a summer break will be on Friday, June 1.  This will be a women-only event.  Our location for this event will be moving to Sweetwater on US 30.  Brenda Gerber Vincent, Chief Development Officer at Lifeline Youth & Family Services, will be our presenter.  Registration will be opening soon for this event.

Leadership: What Not to Do – reflections on the Catalyst Leadership Experience

curtis smith


Curtis Smith, Director of Community Outreach, Parkview Health, was the final speaker at yesterday’s Catalyst Leadership Experience.  Curtis presented a powerful message based upon his own experience in transitioning from a career as the most respected meteorologists in our area to his current role.  He was vulnerable, honest, and candid.



Here are some excerpts from his presentation on Leadership:  What Not to Do:

  • Absent Leadership
    • bad leaders tend to hide
    • your team always desires some form of leadership
    • be present – be there for them!
  • Micro-Managing
    • nobody wants this!
    • a great question to ask when a problem arises:  “who should own the problem?”
    • leaders – don’t do more than you should
    • empower your team – don’t empower yourself
  • Connect on a Human Level with your Team
    • know things such as their birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, etc.
    • invest in your team on a personal level
  • Don’t be too Buddy-Buddy
    • maintain professionalism
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
    • each team member brings different talents to the team
    • meet them where they are
    • help your team members become the best version of themselves
  • Engagement vs Satisfaction
    • having a team member who is merely satisfied at work erodes trust and turns to discontent and unrest
    • you need your team members to be engaged in their work


January 5 – What Happens at First Fridays?

Inspiring. Motivating. Informing. Networking. Adding value.

This is First Fridays. RSVP to reserve your free spot here: January 5 RSVP

You won’t want to miss meeting and hearing Karl LaPan!