Leadership Development Every Month

img_1194Why come to First Fridays Fort Wayne?

I’ve had this asked of me many times.  I typically ask this question as part of my response:

What are you doing right now to develop as a leader?

Many (most?) leaders believe in leadership development.  In some companies, they intentionally develop the leaders within their organization.  But that is rare these days.  So individual leaders are left to find opportunities to develop themselves.

First Fridays Fort Wayne is a fantastic opportunity for you to receive high quality leadership development each month.  And the only invest you need to make is time.

One of our “regulars” at First Fridays Fort Wayne has told me and has also written this on LinkedIn, “why would you miss the chance to hear outstanding leaders and be exposed to excellent leadership content?” 

Months ago, I was stopped downtown by another “regular” who told me, “Thank you to you and your brother for creating First Fridays.  I’ve grown so much.  I’ve never been around so many like-minded people before.  It’s great.”

It has been said many times “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If that concerns you, invest your time with area leaders who attend First Fridays.  You will have the chance to build lasting relationships.  You will be challenged by outstanding leaders our area has been blessed with.  You will help other businesses grow while your own business will grow – referrals are a natural by-product of First Fridays!

We are wrapping up Season 2.  We will kick-off Season 3 on September 6.  We hope to have our speaker roster posted soon.  If you have yet to attend a First Fridays Fort Wayne event, our next events are:

  • May 3 with Jim Wilcox.  Register for free at:  May 3 with Jim Wilcox
  • June 7 Women’s Conference at the Mirro Center.  Cost is $20 for this 3 hour event (breakfast included).  Reserve your spot here:  2019 Women’s Conference


May 3 First Fridays Speaker Announced!

We are excited to announce our May 3 First Fridays Fort Wayne Speaker – Jim Wilcox!

May 3 2019 Jim Wilcox promo flyer

Sandler Training


Jim Wilcox is the President and Owner of Wilcox & Associates, a Sandler Training & Consulting Company.  A clinically trained Trauma Nurse from IWU (Indiana Wesleyan University), Jim has consulted in several start-up companies including one of his own which he successfully grew and sold during his 10 year ER Tenure.

Jim brings a unique perspective and passion towards business with over 20 years of experience in sales & sales leadership and successful business start-up experience. It’s this perspective & passion that has propelled Jim and his team into being one of the top 250 Sandler Franchises in the world.

Jim will certainly add value to our local leaders on May 3.  Be sure to invite a colleague to attend with you!

This event will be on Eventbrite.com soon.  Remember, the event is free, but we do require registration as seating is limited.


2019 Women’s Conference – What to Expect

Many people take time and make the investment to travel to conferences all over the country.  At these events, we meet people that we may never see again.  We hear good speakers, but many times the content leaves us lacking or cannot be applied in our community/organizations/homes.

This is how the 2019 First Fridays Women’s Conference will be different.


Come to connect with women from all over NE Indiana.  We say “connect” because this will not just simply be a time to hand out business cards.  You don’t even need to have business cards to attend!  We have worked hard to make this a time where you will be encouraged to grow, challenged to change, and be inspired to become better.


You will be hearing from outstanding leaders from right here in NE Indiana

Leslee Hill


Leslee Hill – Director of the WEOC (Women’s Entrepreneurship Opportunity Council) at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (The NIIC).  Follow Leslee on LinkedIn to be inspired!



Elizabeth MacDonald – Founder and Owner of The Verbal Edge.  She is the author of Sharpen Your Verbal Edge.  Elizabeth will make you laugh and will help us all become great verbal and written communicators.


Dr. Angela LaSalle

Dr. Angela LaSalle – Founder & Medical Director of Integrative Medicine (a part of Parkview). Dr. LaSalle will challenge us all to become healthier and the steps we can take to become a physically/mentally better person.

Instead of paying for airfare, hotel and Uber costs, this conference will be held here in Fort Wayne at Parkview’s Mirro Center.  And the cost is only $20/person.  Table sponsorships are available for only $200.

Take time today to register.  Invite friends and colleagues.  This conference is not just for women in the work place.  Women who have chosen to work (and I mean work!) in their homes will benefit from this.

Come to be encouraged.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll think.  You’ll connect.  We’ve designed this day for all of us to become Brighter!

To register, click on the image below:


December 7 Event in Photos

Today was another great event at First Fridays Fort Wayne. We were honored to have Marlin Stutzman with us as he shared lessons in leadership that he’s gained over the years as a farmer, entrepreneur, business owner, statesman, and business executive.

Here are a few photos from today’s event. The video from today will be posted soon. In case you missed coming today, you can always find us on our YouTube channel at First Fridays Fort Wayne.

Marlin Stutzman was outstanding!

Another great gathering on a very cold morning.

I can personally attest that Marlin practices what he preaches.

The Trine University board member received some Indiana Wesleyan University gifts.

November 2 First Fridays Review

If you missed yesterday’s First Fridays, here is a quick snapshot of what happened. I’ll be uploading a video soon so you can hear Matt Konkler’s presentation.

We had a great crowd again! Thank you, veterans, for your service. We are always thankful for you!

Matt Konkler shared insights on leadership from his experiences serving in Washington, D.C. with Secretaries of Defense Rumsfeld and Gates. Great stories. Valuable lessons.

Here are the leadership traits Matt saw on display in some of the top leaders in our nation.

Matt shared these characteristics that we. An all aspire to.

Job Hunters

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career? Do you know a young person seeking an internship?

There is a great resource right here in NE Indiana. It is brought to you by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.

Click on this link to start your search today: