Get a Gift, Give a Gift

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This Friday, December 6 from 8-9 am is the next First Fridays Fort Wayne session featuring Amy Hanna. So why should you and your colleagues attend?

Get a Gift.  That’s right, if you attend you’ll receive a gift.  The gift of connections and networking.  You’ll meet some of the finest leaders in NE Indiana on Friday.  Making a meaningful connection is a great gift to receive.  This gift will give back as you learn what leadership looks like at area businesses, as you will be challenged by Amy, and as you realize how blessed our community is to have leaders like the ones you’ll meet.

Give a Gift.  Be open to meet and connect with someone new to you.  Invest your time on Friday to make a connection that can lead to a time of coffee or lunch.  Be sure to be ready to add value to those you meet.  Give yourself and your connections with the intention of helping others around you to become better.

There is still time to register for this free event.  Click on the image below to register today!


Top 10 Reasons to Attend First Fridays Fort Wayne

Top 10 reasons why you should come to First Fridays Fort Wayne?

10. The weather won’t be frightful.

9. You get to discover a space at Lutheran Hospital that you didn’t know was there.

8. Tim Horton’s is on the 1st floor. Grab your coffee and pastry after the meeting!

7. If you get lost heading to the Kachmann Auditorium, you get a colonoscopy (some fees will apply).

6. Rob Kee will be there.

5. Network with some of the best leaders in the community – yes, you are one of these leaders!

4. Meet new people who can help you become better.

3. Rob Kee will be there.

2. You’ll grow as a leader.

1. You’ll hear dynamic leaders/speakers from NE Indiana.

Amy Hanna is our speaker this Friday. Register today. Bring a colleague!