3 Ways To Walk In and Make A Stranger Like You by Ben Kissam

A great article to help you connect with others.

A lot of research has been done on how we build rapport, to the point that specific techniques have emerged. There are, in fact, repeatable and measurable ways you can incorporate into how you communicate that can help someone you’ve never met like, trust or relate to you better. Think of how useful that might be for enhancing your career, business or family life.

Follow this link to read the entire article: https://www.goalcast.com/2017/09/20/3-ways-walk-make-stranger-like/

Thank you!

Jere sent out this email just now:

Thank you to those who attended First Fridays this morning.  We had a wonderful turnout.  Thank you to Matt Konkler from Blackpoint Strategies who provided the Rise and Roll donuts.  What a wonderful, messy blessing.  You can learn more about Matt’s company at www.blackpointstrategies.com


A special thank you to our speaker, Brian DeCook of Peacefire/Two Fires.  Brian shared about having a positive conflict culture.  Two words he brought to light were respect and responsibility.  These work traits come into action during three phases of conflict…authority, correction, and offense.  Brian will be presenting us with an executive summary of his message today.   We will not be sharing his powerpoint at this time.

His message was timely and engaging and we saw many in attendance relating to his topic in a personal and professional way.  If you were not able to be here this morning you will want to have Brian come to share his presentation with your team and leadership.  You can reach Brian DeCook via email at bdecook@twofirescoaching.com or www.twofires.us

As a reminder, our April date is Friday the 13th.  Dr. Matt Lucas and Coach Jordan Langs of IWU will be our featured guests.  We are expecting a big crowd and will arrange the room to fit as many as possible.

After the First Fridays event, Coach Jordan Langs and Director of Athletics, Mark DeMichael will meet with those across the hall for a meet and greet to talk about IWU Football.

Once again, we are extremely blessed to have you a part of our First Fridays events.  There was some conversation today that June would be our final event.  That is partially true.  It is only our final event of this first season.  Coming this September we will kickoff a brand new season of great topics and engaging speakers.   Start saving the dates now for the fall kickoff to First Fridays.

Thanks for coming out this morning and we look forward to our April event.

Lunch with a Leader: Marlin Stutzman

marlin stutzmanI (Jim) had the privilege of having lunch with Marlin Stutzman today.  Marlin, as you know, was the former Congressman from the 3rd District in NE Indiana.

This man is one busy person!  He manages to balance several businesses and ventures in Indiana and out of state.  He supports his wife as she runs for a State office and they both stay busy with their kids.  And then there’s a flooded basement (but that’s another story…)

Marlin served in Congress for 6 years.  Upon completing his service to our State, he began his work with WishBone Medical where he now serves as the Chief Development Officer.   What does WishBone do?

“WishBone Medical is a Warsaw, Indiana based pediatric orthopedic company dedicated to the unmet needs of children suffering from orthopedic challenges.            Our commitment is to provide global access to anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single use, disposable kits for children who are still growing, because kids are not just little adults.”

Beyond WishBone, Marlin is very involved in Stutzman Power Equipment, Ava Laurenne Bride, and the Principal Partner of The Stutzman Group, LLC.

We talked about balancing all of this.  Marlin said he is blessed to be in business and involved with mostly family members.  This can be challenging for some, but Marlin said the family works well together to make so much of this work.  His parents were great role models on how to serve and lead.

In my experience in watching and following Marlin in his time in Congress and now meeting with him, it is clear that he is a servant leader.  He is passionate about helping others and connecting them with others who can help them succeed.  He shared an incident just the other day where he was able to directly help a Goshen-based business owner trying to recover and reopen after northern Indiana’s recent floods.  Marlin’s efforts helped this business reopen quickly to avoid any more loss in revenues.

Innovation, servant-leadership, business growth – all this and more is Marlin’s heart.  And here’s the good news for us – Marlin will be a featured presenter at next year’s First Fridays!  We will be building out our 2018-2019 calendar soon, so be looking for Marlin’s month.

Leverage experiences.  Serve others.  Build businesses.  Marlin Stutzman is doing this here in NE Indiana.

April 13 – a Change for First Fridays

We want to give you a heads up for our April First Fridays event.  It will not be on the 1st Friday of the month.  Spring Break is the first week of April for many, so we decided not to compete with that.

Instead, we will be hosting First Fridays on the 2nd Friday of April which is Friday, the 13th.  Did you get all of that?

April 13 promo

Mark your calendars now for this great event.  You are not going to want to miss meeting and hearing Dr. Matt Lucas and Coach Jordan Langs from Indiana Wesleyan University.  It promises to be an outstanding morning as both men share about Vision and Culture.  These are dynamic leaders from IWU and have been and will be doing great things for the university.

For those interested, IWU will be hosting a meet and greet time with Coach Langs at 9 am.  Why?  Indiana Wesleyan University has never had a football team until now.  Coach Langs is the leader who has recruited and will field the very first football team for IWU.  Many area high school students will be playing for him this fall.

Just remember in April, we will be meeting on the 2nd Friday.  And just for April.  We’ll be back to the 1st Friday in May and June.

Yes, there’s going to be a quiz…

Registration for this FREE event is now available at:  Special Date: APRIL 13 First Fridays

Build Your Career Here by Victoria Sarjeant

I (Jim) was recently interviewed for this article.  Here is an excerpt.  Follow the link at the end to read the entire article. 

Theresa Steele“Theresa Steele, owner of Steele Business Coaching suggests talking to a recruiter, HR specialist or life coach. While she hasn’t done this herself, she believes a Life Coach could certainly help in this area if you are looking to make a serious life change. I know many of you are probably like me and think of Paris Gellar’s life coach from Gilmore Girls. Don’t worry. They are a little more serious than that. If you want to shop around for quotes on life coaches, go to Thumbtack and enter in in your needs, the way you want to meet, frequency, and more!

The next expert I talked to was Jim Johnson, Vice President of Member Services at 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union. Many may know Jim from the popular new professional development group, First Fridays. “I’ve counseled many folks seeking new employment. I’ve advised them to identify their gifts, talents and abilities. A person may be seeking a different career, but that does not have to mean that they should ignore what they uniquely have within them. Look for a new career that addresses their strengths. For example, if the person has teaching experience, a training position could be a good fit.” Personally, I have seen this career change work well first hand. I have seen two teachers make a change into advisors and become very successful. Sometimes they find that helping someone one on one is just more rewarding.”
Read the rest here:  Build Your Career Here
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