First Fridays Night at the Fort Wayne Mad Ants


Tomorrow morning, Allie Lane of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants will be able to take your ticket order for First Fridays Night which is on Friday, March 8.  Ticket prices will be as follows:

  • $20 Family Night Offer includes a voucher for free hot dog, chips, small soft drink, Mad Ants scarf and lower level ticket
  • $15 for lower level ticket only
  • $10 for upper level ticket only

Yes, you can buy tickets for friends and family – in fact, we encourage this!  If you have not attended a Mad Ants game, you’ve been missing out on a great event.  Tim BawmannBuck Rogers, and Allie Lane do an outstanding job of promoting the Mad Ants and providing a great night of sports entertainment.

We would love to have you join us.  Bring your credit card, debit card, checkbook (do you still use one?) or cash tomorrow morning and Allie will be prepared to take your order!


How long are you willing to listen to a podcast?

Lunch with a Leader – Amy Hanna

Did you know that there’s is an organization right here in NE Indiana that intentionally, positively impacts the lives of students, parents, and leaders by fulfilling their mission of:

respect team mission

Did you know that this organization’s vision is:

respect team vision

This is Respect Team.  I had the honor of having lunch with its leader, Amy Hanna.  Amy leads a group of speakers who address very tough issues at local schools giving students and parents alike hope and purpose.  Simply put, people become better because of the influence and work of the Respect Team.

Here is a short clip of Amy as she tells her story:

If you want to learn more about the Respect Team, click on the link above.  You’ll find more speaker videos and ways you and your organization can get involved in their vital work.

Thank you, Amy, for how you influence others to become better in NE Indiana.

Breakfast with a Leader – John Dortch

john dortchI had the privilege of having breakfast this morning with an outstanding leader in our community, John Dortch.  This appointment had been arranged by a mutual friend.

I went into this meeting knowing a little about John through his LinkedIn profile as well as what others had shared with me.  The man I met today made such a positive impact on me.  And from what I understand, John Dortch has built a career around doing just that with countless others.

John wears many hats in our community:

I learned quickly that John’s father played a critical role in helping him become the man and leader today.  John chronicled his early years in his book In My Father’s House – These Were the Rules.  I’m looking forward to reading this soon!

John has held key leadership positions such as VP Employee Relations at Parkview and now runs a successful consulting group.  From all of this experience, John has a passion for helping businesses, business owners, and the team they lead to become better and more productive.  He is committed to tell the positive stories of our community that will inspire others.

I appreciate leaders such as John Dortch in our community.  This is what makes our community great.  Thank you, John, for all you do!