The Ripple Effect by Jim Johnson

In the past, I have facilitated groups at work that I called “Emerging Leaders”.  I met with these groups for just 1 hour each week.  We worked through Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge as well as John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

In one of our sessions, we discussed the Ripple Effect.  Olson explains this:

“When you create positive improvements in your life, you create positive ripples that spread out all around you, like a pebble of positivity dropped in a pond.”

And the ripple effect can impact others to do the same…

“When you reach out and positively affect one other person through your interactions and words, you create a slight change in that person, who is then more likely to reach out and positively affect someone else.  Simply put, one touches another,  who touches another, who touches another.”

Are you looking for improvements within your team?  Are you overwhelmed at the thought of moving the entire team towards better results, increased improvement?

Take the time to invest in a couple key team members who are positive influencers.  Help them see their potential.  Give them solid tools for success.  Fan their flames.

If they are truly people of influence, the ripple effect can work.  As these key team members demonstrate positive results, work habits, healthy collaboration, this can ripple to others.  As you coach all of your team, encourage growth and development.  Point out the positive and address what needs to improve.  But get your team to work together towards success.  Make this your culture within your department.

The ripple effect can work for you.

Lunch with a Leader – Dr. Nick McBride

nick mcbrideI met Dr. Nick McBride about a month ago while my siblings and I were waiting for my father’s surgery to begin at Parkview Regional Medical Center.  I had observed Nick interact with an elderly woman who he was helping (read about that here).  I had the honor of having lunch with Nick last week.

Dr. McBride is a pharmacist at Parkview.  He also is a personal development coach, speaker, and (hopefully soon) an author.  Nick shared his leadership journey with me from his many years working at Walgreens and moving up the leadership ladder there.  I learned a lot of the work of a pharmacist at a large regional hospital.

Nick’s passion and drive are evident as you talk with him.  The word “intention” kept popping up in our conversation.  Nick applies intention to his pharmacy work, to his own personal, leadership development, and to his family.  I ended up encouraging him to start thinking about writing a book especially geared towards a millennial audience.  We did some brainstorming around this topic.  Nick as a lot of value to share with this audience and beyond.

I am encouraged to meet leaders such as Dr. McBride.  We can tend to poke fun at a younger generation (I’m far removed from being a millennial).  But coming away from our lunch meeting, I am continually impressed with the young leaders such as Dr. McBride who reside and work here in NE Indiana.  I believe our future is in good hands.

Thank you, Dr. McBride, for serving in our community.  Thank you for the example you set on the job and with your family.

Keep your eyes on this leader!

submitted by: Jim Johnson, co-founder of First Fridays Fort Wayne

Board Member Spotlight: Rob Kee

We are blessed with awesome Board members at First Fridays and Rob Kee is one of them! We thought you’d like to get to know him like we do, so we’ve asked him to share 10 things about himself.

rob kee photo

1. One of the few globally Certified Coaches specializing in the ground breaking field of the neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence©. Training, and equipping individuals and teams into effective leaders and communicators for over 30 years.
2. Born in Homestead, Florida (Pre-Hurricane Andrew)
3. Moved to California at two years old (with a brief stop in Southern Illinois to establish my midwestern presence).
4. Lived in Southern, Northern and the Central Coast of California (longest state ever).
5. Transitioned from Corporate to Non-profit (and lived to tell about it).
6. Migrated to Fort Wayne late summer 2017 (learned how to shovel snow and survived the -50 F polar vortex of 2019).
7. Amassed over 1,400 LinkedIn contacts locally and abroad since arriving in Fort Wayne just two years ago (developed a severe case of screen-thumb due to excessive swiping and tapping all hours of the nights on his smart device).
8. Single handedly created a temporary moratorium on coffee beans due to drinking countless gallons in the successful developing of local relationships (moratorium will be lifted soon).
9. Greatest undeserved blessings are wife Belinda of 36 years, 21 year old daughter Lauren, 34 year old son Robert, his wife Lori and their three beautiful grandchildren, Emery, Davy & Lexy (still amazed at God’s favor).
10. Greatest desire is to be spent for the cause and purpose of the One who was spent for him (Still humbled by His sacrifice).

Get a Gift, Give a Gift

Christmas presents


This Friday, December 6 from 8-9 am is the next First Fridays Fort Wayne session featuring Amy Hanna. So why should you and your colleagues attend?

Get a Gift.  That’s right, if you attend you’ll receive a gift.  The gift of connections and networking.  You’ll meet some of the finest leaders in NE Indiana on Friday.  Making a meaningful connection is a great gift to receive.  This gift will give back as you learn what leadership looks like at area businesses, as you will be challenged by Amy, and as you realize how blessed our community is to have leaders like the ones you’ll meet.

Give a Gift.  Be open to meet and connect with someone new to you.  Invest your time on Friday to make a connection that can lead to a time of coffee or lunch.  Be sure to be ready to add value to those you meet.  Give yourself and your connections with the intention of helping others around you to become better.

There is still time to register for this free event.  Click on the image below to register today!