Lunch with a Leader – Sabrina Moon

sabrina moon

Jere Johnson and I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Sabrina Moon to enjoy a time of refreshing fellowship the other day.

Sabrina, CEO of the Problem Solving Institute, is a local of the Northeast Indiana area. She moved away for a period of time in order to follow her career as a corporate leader, coach and trainer.

As part of Dr. Brené Brown’s global team of Certified Facilitators, she provides Dare to Lead™ coaching and training to a broad range of organizations from manufacturing, automotive, supply chain/logistics, chemical and the healthcare industry. In addition she serves Executive/C Suite, Directors, Managers, Engineering/Tech, Front Line Supervisors and the workforce.

Sabrina weaves together a strategic partnership of diverse leaders with a wide range of industry experience to ensure the Problem Solving Institute are highly qualified to respond appropriately to the varied needs of their clientele.

Sabrina Moon is an incredible resource to our community. For more information on how the Problem Solving Institute can partner with you in the attainment of your corporate goals refer to the links below.

Problem Solving InstituteWeb:

Thank you Jesus Rosario for connecting us.

Submitted by: Rob Kee and Jere Johnson

Connect Over Coffee with Nick Darrah

Nick Darrah

I connected with Nick Darrah at Fortezza Coffee in downtown Fort Wayne to discuss speaking at our November First Fridays event.  After visiting about his upcoming presentation, our conversation turned to his passions, his family and his past service in the Marines.

Nick is a local product who graduated from South Side High School and enlisted in the military.  Nick is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as an Infantry Rifleman with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.  His service took him to Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq and Australia.

Upon his return he attended IPFW and wanted to pursue a career with the FBI.  He graduated with a Political Science degree, but his career path took a different turn.

He married his childhood sweetheart, and they began their family here in Fort Wayne.  Many young leaders, like Nick, start their career in our community, but leave for what they believe may be greener pastures in larger cities.  However, Nick and his bride, decided not only to stay in our area, but reside on the side of town he grew up in.

Through his time in the military, he has gained a greater vision of what service actually means.  He is constantly looking for areas to serve others whether with Veterans or making great connections in our ever-growing leadership community.  Not long ago, he shared a table with the President of Ambassador Enterprises and enjoyed their conversation around the event which led to a meal where this leader poured into Nick.  Nick shared, “We live in a great community where CEO’s and other important leaders are looking to connect with others to help them grow and get better.  Places like Chicago and Indianapolis you may not have the same opportunities.” He continues to grow from his work at the NE Indiana Regional Partnership and networking events with First Fridays Fort Wayne and YLNI.

We are grateful that Nick and his family have decided to stay and make Fort Wayne a greater place to work and live.  Mark your calendars to come hear him share at our November 2020 First Fridays event.

written by Jere Johnson

Subscribe to First Fridays Fort Wayne YouTube Channel

If you did not know, First Fridays Fort Wayne has a YouTube channel. You can watch previous presentations. You can share these presentations with others.

YouTube has changed it’s policy on live events. Each channel needs to have 1000 subscribers or more in order to go live. We are quite a ways away from that. But we would like to encourage you to subscribe if you have not done so already to see if we can get to that number. And then events can actually be posted live going forward.

If you are interested in subscribing, follow this link and subscribe. We would greatly appreciate it.

Virtual First Fridays

Due to the growing COVID-19 concerns, we will not be holding our April First Fridays event face-to-face.

We are being proactive during this time of uncertainty but want to continue to provide value added professional growth content and encouragement.

That being said, we are working on bringing you video of our talented and wise speakers so that you can still experience their journey and message.

Please stay tuned for details as they are planned. We will miss seeing you all in person, but we thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

-First Fridays Board

Lunch with a Leader – Dr. Nick McBride

nick mcbrideI met Dr. Nick McBride about a month ago while my siblings and I were waiting for my father’s surgery to begin at Parkview Regional Medical Center.  I had observed Nick interact with an elderly woman who he was helping (read about that here).  I had the honor of having lunch with Nick last week.

Dr. McBride is a pharmacist at Parkview.  He also is a personal development coach, speaker, and (hopefully soon) an author.  Nick shared his leadership journey with me from his many years working at Walgreens and moving up the leadership ladder there.  I learned a lot of the work of a pharmacist at a large regional hospital.

Nick’s passion and drive are evident as you talk with him.  The word “intention” kept popping up in our conversation.  Nick applies intention to his pharmacy work, to his own personal, leadership development, and to his family.  I ended up encouraging him to start thinking about writing a book especially geared towards a millennial audience.  We did some brainstorming around this topic.  Nick as a lot of value to share with this audience and beyond.

I am encouraged to meet leaders such as Dr. McBride.  We can tend to poke fun at a younger generation (I’m far removed from being a millennial).  But coming away from our lunch meeting, I am continually impressed with the young leaders such as Dr. McBride who reside and work here in NE Indiana.  I believe our future is in good hands.

Thank you, Dr. McBride, for serving in our community.  Thank you for the example you set on the job and with your family.

Keep your eyes on this leader!

submitted by: Jim Johnson, co-founder of First Fridays Fort Wayne