And our new meeting location is…

As I wrote in the last blog post, we will not be able to meet on the campus of Lutheran Hospital due to the corona virus situation. We are grateful for the opportunity to have met at such as great location during Season 3. The leadership of Lutheran Hospital were so wonderful to work with.

So where will we be meeting during Season 4?

We are going back to our roots. We will be meeting on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University’s Fort Wayne Education Center across W. Jefferson Blvd. from the hospital. But with virus restrictions in place, the First Fridays Fort Wayne experience will be a bit different.

IWU Fort Wayne Education Center
  • The number of participants attending in-person will be limited to around 20. We may have an overflow room available – more on that soon.
  • To attend a First Fridays event in person, you will need to register via Eventbrite to “save your spot”. We will need to check participants in on the morning of an event and will check the Eventbrite reservation site so that those who made a reservation can get their seat.
  • At this time, masks will be required.
  • The room will be set up following social distancing guidelines.
  • If we can use an over-flow room, social distancing will be followed. Masks will be required as mandated.
  • There will be no coffee service on site.
  • We will also be broadcasting our events most likely via ZOOM as we did at the end of Season 3.

As we get closer to the September 4 event, we will be sure to provide updates. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn ( This will be the best way to get the Eventbrite announcement and any other communication about the upcoming Season 4 sessions.

Thank you for your support of First Fridays Fort Wayne. Thank you for your patience in the ever-changing environment we are in. We are dedicated to continue to bring you the best in leadership development presented by local leaders here in NE Indiana.

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