Connect Over Coffee with Nick Darrah

Nick Darrah

I connected with Nick Darrah at Fortezza Coffee in downtown Fort Wayne to discuss speaking at our November First Fridays event.  After visiting about his upcoming presentation, our conversation turned to his passions, his family and his past service in the Marines.

Nick is a local product who graduated from South Side High School and enlisted in the military.  Nick is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as an Infantry Rifleman with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.  His service took him to Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq and Australia.

Upon his return he attended IPFW and wanted to pursue a career with the FBI.  He graduated with a Political Science degree, but his career path took a different turn.

He married his childhood sweetheart, and they began their family here in Fort Wayne.  Many young leaders, like Nick, start their career in our community, but leave for what they believe may be greener pastures in larger cities.  However, Nick and his bride, decided not only to stay in our area, but reside on the side of town he grew up in.

Through his time in the military, he has gained a greater vision of what service actually means.  He is constantly looking for areas to serve others whether with Veterans or making great connections in our ever-growing leadership community.  Not long ago, he shared a table with the President of Ambassador Enterprises and enjoyed their conversation around the event which led to a meal where this leader poured into Nick.  Nick shared, “We live in a great community where CEO’s and other important leaders are looking to connect with others to help them grow and get better.  Places like Chicago and Indianapolis you may not have the same opportunities.” He continues to grow from his work at the NE Indiana Regional Partnership and networking events with First Fridays Fort Wayne and YLNI.

We are grateful that Nick and his family have decided to stay and make Fort Wayne a greater place to work and live.  Mark your calendars to come hear him share at our November 2020 First Fridays event.

written by Jere Johnson

One thought on “Connect Over Coffee with Nick Darrah

  1. Kassee Lamm March 19, 2020 / 4:25 pm

    Nick is such a great person to have in our community. Thankful for his leadership!


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