Board Member Spotlight: Rob Kee

We are blessed with awesome Board members at First Fridays and Rob Kee is one of them! We thought you’d like to get to know him like we do, so we’ve asked him to share 10 things about himself.

rob kee photo

1. One of the few globally Certified Coaches specializing in the ground breaking field of the neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence©. Training, and equipping individuals and teams into effective leaders and communicators for over 30 years.
2. Born in Homestead, Florida (Pre-Hurricane Andrew)
3. Moved to California at two years old (with a brief stop in Southern Illinois to establish my midwestern presence).
4. Lived in Southern, Northern and the Central Coast of California (longest state ever).
5. Transitioned from Corporate to Non-profit (and lived to tell about it).
6. Migrated to Fort Wayne late summer 2017 (learned how to shovel snow and survived the -50 F polar vortex of 2019).
7. Amassed over 1,400 LinkedIn contacts locally and abroad since arriving in Fort Wayne just two years ago (developed a severe case of screen-thumb due to excessive swiping and tapping all hours of the nights on his smart device).
8. Single handedly created a temporary moratorium on coffee beans due to drinking countless gallons in the successful developing of local relationships (moratorium will be lifted soon).
9. Greatest undeserved blessings are wife Belinda of 36 years, 21 year old daughter Lauren, 34 year old son Robert, his wife Lori and their three beautiful grandchildren, Emery, Davy & Lexy (still amazed at God’s favor).
10. Greatest desire is to be spent for the cause and purpose of the One who was spent for him (Still humbled by His sacrifice).

One thought on “Board Member Spotlight: Rob Kee

  1. Anonymous February 25, 2020 / 12:00 am

    I’m very impressed with all of your accomplishments.


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