Parking Options at Lutheran

We have over 200 registered for this coming kick-off of Season 3 at the Kachmann Auditorium at Lutheran Hospital.  We have had some conversations with the leadership team at Lutheran about parking.  Here are some options:

Parking garage at Lutheran

This is the South Campus parking garage adjacent to Medical Office Building Two.  Note:  we have been asked to use the TOP LEVEL to allow patients coming in early to have the lower levels.

To find the Kachmann Auditorium, you can take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd level and walk into Lutheran via the enclosed sky bridge walk.  Then take the elevator or stairs to the lower level where the Kachmann is located.

There are other parking options we have as seen below.  Yes, they will require a bit more walking, but we want to be sure Lutheran’s patients have the closest spots.

Lutheran parking optons

There is a shuttle that runs from the far left lot to the main entrance.  The far right circle is the 3Rivers lot.  We can accommodate a few cars as the lobby does not open until 9 am.

The yellow STAR designates the Medical Office Building Two – the closest entrance to Lutheran’s Kachmann Auditorium.

We will have people in the lobby of the Medical Office Building Two to help navigate you if needed.

The Lutheran Hospital leadership team has been great to work with.  We want to be sure our presence there is a positive one for the patients that will be arriving for treatment.

If you can carpool with a coworker, please consider that!  

ONE LAST NOTE:  Remember, no coffee is allowed in the Kachmann Auditorium.  We will honor this.  Water bottles with caps are allowed.


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