Season 2 is Almost Over

For many of us (men), today will be the end of Season 2 of First Fridays Fort Wayne. We are looking forward to hearing Jim Wilcox this morning.

Women, don’t forget that we have a women’s conference on June 7. If you have not registered yet, you could do so by going to the top of our website page and clicking on the link that says 2019 Women’s Conference information. That’ll get you the link to register. If you look at our site primarily from a smart phone, you will find that link when you press on the three lines at the top of your screen. That will open up the pages that are on our website.

We will be publishing our calendar for Season 3 very soon. And remember, we take the months of July and August off.

John Urbahns, CEO of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc., will be our kick off speaker in September. Throughout the summer we will be posting information on our website talking about the next season and other things that will help you become a champion networker and connector in our community.

As always, we thank you for your support and participation in First Fridays Fort Wayne.

Here are some more dates to keep in mind:

  • May 20 – Jan and Jim will have their interview played on WOWO radio during the morning with Darrin Wright.
    June 7 – First Fridays Indianapolis will launch their inaugural event with John Merriweather, CEO of a GO Destination Services. They will begin their first full season in September.
    Mid-May – Jan’s interview with WBCL Radio will be here sometime between mid to late May. When we know that date, we will let you know.
    September 6 – Season 3 kicks off!

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