Leadership Development Every Month

img_1194Why come to First Fridays Fort Wayne?

I’ve had this asked of me many times.  I typically ask this question as part of my response:

What are you doing right now to develop as a leader?

Many (most?) leaders believe in leadership development.  In some companies, they intentionally develop the leaders within their organization.  But that is rare these days.  So individual leaders are left to find opportunities to develop themselves.

First Fridays Fort Wayne is a fantastic opportunity for you to receive high quality leadership development each month.  And the only invest you need to make is time.

One of our “regulars” at First Fridays Fort Wayne has told me and has also written this on LinkedIn, “why would you miss the chance to hear outstanding leaders and be exposed to excellent leadership content?” 

Months ago, I was stopped downtown by another “regular” who told me, “Thank you to you and your brother for creating First Fridays.  I’ve grown so much.  I’ve never been around so many like-minded people before.  It’s great.”

It has been said many times “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If that concerns you, invest your time with area leaders who attend First Fridays.  You will have the chance to build lasting relationships.  You will be challenged by outstanding leaders our area has been blessed with.  You will help other businesses grow while your own business will grow – referrals are a natural by-product of First Fridays!

We are wrapping up Season 2.  We will kick-off Season 3 on September 6.  We hope to have our speaker roster posted soon.  If you have yet to attend a First Fridays Fort Wayne event, our next events are:

  • May 3 with Jim Wilcox.  Register for free at:  May 3 with Jim Wilcox
  • June 7 Women’s Conference at the Mirro Center.  Cost is $20 for this 3 hour event (breakfast included).  Reserve your spot here:  2019 Women’s Conference


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