Leadership Lessons Over Omelets by Jere Johnson

Dr. Michael MoffitI had the opportunity to have breakfast at IHOP with one of Indiana Wesleyan’s finest leaders, Dr. Michael Moffitt.  Dr. Moffitt has been with IWU since 2001 and is currently serving the President as a Special Assistant in Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Michael’s journey to Indiana Wesleyan was not an easy path, however, he has counted his blessings all along the way.  He grew up in the Los Angeles area and recalled making it home each day was a good day.  A star athlete in high school landed him at a school where after his first semester he was asked to leave due to his grades.

His athletic journey took him to Los Angeles City College then to Fresno State University.  After his senior season while passing one of his coach’s office, he was called in to meet a scout from the Green Bay Packers who spent 10 minutes with him on the field doing drills.  Moffitt was called after the draft early in the morning to let him know he would be a Packer.  He spent one year with the Packers and went to Colts training camp and realized he was done with football.

As I sat and listened to Michael his passion and purpose for life quickly came to the surface.  He used all of his setbacks in life to project him to a promising future.  After working in the corporate world, he landed a position at Bethel College in Indiana where his leadership skills began to develop in a great way.  He joined the staff of Indiana Wesleyan in 2001 and became the first African American on the President’s Cabinet.

What impressed me about Dr. Moffitt was his humble, gracious spirit as he shared aboutDr. Michael Moffit with Ernie Johnson Jr his past, but where his legacy will land is with his greatest accomplishment, his family.  He married Latrese, who was an All-American track star and Olympic High Jumper.  Their two children are Michael Jr., and Janae who are both record setting high jumpers as well.  Michael Jr. competed at Indiana Wesleyan University while Janae competes at Purdue University.

Dr. Moffitt is one of the most approachable leaders and travels extensively in his role at IWU.  He will be a future First Fridays speaker in the season to come.  I would encourage you to connect with Dr. Moffitt via LinkedIn.  Thank you Dr. Moffitt for shining brighter as you have made an impact through Indiana Wesleyan University and the legacy you are leaving with your family.

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