Guard Rails – a new book by Karl R. LaPan

Are you looking for a new book to read in 2019?  Are you seeking to build your business and need some solid advice and innovative thinking?

Then I highly recommend you pick up Karl LaPan‘s book, Guard Rails.  Karl, as you know, is the CEO of the NIIC – Northeast Indiana Innovation Center.

Guard Rails


“Guard Rails are loosely defined as a “system designed to keep people (or vehicles) from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas.”  This is the exact intent of this book.  This books highlights practical advice to expand your thinking and provides guardrails to ensure context and structure for applying this book to your business and personal life.” (from the Foreword)

Where do you find your inspiration?  If you are serious about building your business and/or start-up, read this book.  If you are needing advice about some next “big steps,” read this book.  If you are wanting to expose areas in your life and business that you may be blind to, read this book.

Karl and the NIIC are great local resources.  Karl is also known around the world as a speaker, author, and coach.  Take full advantage of his years of working with businesses and mentoring business owners and invest yourself in becoming better.

As Karl writes – Aspire Higher!


Note:  “Proceeds from this book will benefit our Connected Communities Initiative which is focused on inclusive business builders – women, students, people of color, immigrants, and the hardest to employ…” (from the Foreword)

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