First Fridays in Photos – October 5

Cincy video feed

Fort Wayne, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio linked up via video for opening announcements.  Today was the Indiana Wesleyan University Cincinnati campus 1st First Fridays!  We are so excited for them and their future success!

Jere introduced both sites to the purpose behind First Fridays.

Cincy first speaker

Cynthia Booth share this in Cincinnati today:

1. Leave a legacy

2. Be a long term thinker

3. Stay the course and stay humble

4. Become better each day…ask yourself, “what do I need to retool to become better?”

5. Prioritize your priorities #servantleadership

Jere and Cynthia Booth

Jere Johnson & Cynthia Booth – the Cincinnati First Fridays speaker

Wayne on visibility

Wayne Robison passionately  shared his heart with the Fort Wayne leaders.

Wayne and Jim



Wayne Robison & Jim Johnson



Oct 5 crowdFort Wayne’s leaders gathered on a rainy morning to become better at First Fridays.

Jan shine brighter



Jan Diaz encouraged us to “Shine Brighter”

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