It all started 1 year ago…

This popped up on my Facebook memory page. 1 year ago, Jere and I introduced NE Indiana to something called First Fridays on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University here in Fort Wayne.

Here are some stats I find interesting:

  • 6,000+ visitors to our website
  • Many visitors are from 40+ countries outside the US
  • 10 leaders all from NE Indiana presented from a CEO to an attorney to entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly registrations have exceeded 100 several times
  • “Lunch with a Leader” was launched
  • I (Jim) had the opportunity to share about First Fridays at a conference in Vancouver B.C.

AND…First Fridays Cincinnati kicks off this coming Friday on the IWU campus!

To those who have encouraged us and supported this effort by your participation and invitations to friends – THANK YOU!

Jere and I are grateful and humbled to host this. You have enriched our lives. The leaders in NE Indiana are wonderful and are constantly striving to become better. Thank you for making First Fridays a part of your journey.

Be watching for the new things in store for First Fridays…

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