The Surprising Power of the Coil

CoilMy uncle, Dr. David Klopfenstein, recently recommended a book to me written by his good friend, Greg Campbell (formerly EVP of Coldwell Banker Corp and Partner of Richard Ellis, USA).  When he read about my reading goal for 2018, Uncle Dave told me I should pick up the book, The Surprising Power of the Coil.  So I did.

This short book (77 pages) is turning out to be very good.  And it is aligning with one of my passions – connecting with others and building relationships that will positively impact and influence others .

The Coil, as I understand at this point in the book (I’m at page 33), is the experience of our lives as we build relationships, grow and develop as leaders, and serve others all along the process.  I love Greg’s following illustration on how the Coil works in our lives.

“As we intersect with many people over the course of our lives, whether for a short term or a much longer period, we build up what we might term “relationship points” with these individuals…are a form of relationship currency we keep safe in a bank.  What we invest in the bank is meant for future use, to be withdrawn only after we exercise a fair amount of discretion regarding their appropriate expenditure.  We will not withdraw…indiscriminately….The larger our account grows, the more potential we have to accomplish some important future ventures….when someone in our coil calls upon us to make a withdrawal from our savings account, we respond by doing whatever we can, “just because.”  We must have no expectation of reciprocity.”

Building solid relationships – expanding your relationship reach – allows you to build up your “account” and, when the time is right, you can significantly help someone by drawing from your account (e.g. introducing that person to the “right” person at a company).  And a time may come where you need to withdrawal on someone else’s account.  The Coil is about giving.  As Greg writes “It’s about becoming better.”

If you are looking for a good book, click on the link above to order The Coil today.  It will make you think.  It will make you act.

And remember this:  First Fridays is specifically designed to help you build and strengthen your own personal coil.  Read this book.  Build your relationships.  Invest in others and yourself.

UPDATE:  I just finished this book.  I am telling you, BUY THIS BOOK!  This book reveals the power of connections and relationships.  You will undoubtedly remember your own examples of how the Coil has already been working in your life.  And by reading this book, you will begin to intentionally act!  Thank you, Greg Campbell, for unveiling The Surprising Power of the Coil!  



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