Lunch with a Leader – Scott Druhot

scott druhotHave you ever spent time with a friend that just brightens your day?  Scott Druhot is that person for me.  I have gotten to know Scott last fall through my brother and other First Friday’s friends.  His personality and caring nature brings the best out in others.

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst 1440, a Leadership Consulting Group, designed to deliver outstanding service and results for their business partners.  After successfully executing the 2018 Catalyst Leadership Experience in Fort Wayne this past January, Scott has engaged with leaders from across the area and into several states.

There is no question; he is a busy man.  Whether he is teaching at Huntington University, mentoring students, executive coaching, or playing taxi driver for his children, Scott continues to strive to excel in whatever service he is providing.

If you are looking for real, positive, feedback, and solutions for your business or personal strategic plan, do not hesitate to collaborate with Catalyst 1440 and Scott Druhot.  What I love most about being around Scott is that he knows how to encourage in the right way to get you motivated for action.  Make time in your schedule to connect with Catalyst 1440.

Written by Jere Johnson

One thought on “Lunch with a Leader – Scott Druhot

  1. Anonymous March 26, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    Scott is a true leader who understands the power of people. He has a strong focus on community and has built an amazing company.


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