Lunch with a Leader – Don Cates by Jere Johnson

What happens when IU and Purdue basketball fans have a lunch together?  First, you enjoy lunch.  Second, you get to know each other better and what each other does during the work day, and finally, you agree to disagree about your basketball loyalties.  That was my lunch with Don Cates, CEO of 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.

Don CatesDon has been a tremendous support of our First Friday’s events each month.  So much so, he has agreed to be our presenter in May.  Don started our conversation by getting to know me better and what I do each day for Indiana Wesleyan; this was a welcome visit, because many times when you have a meeting/lunch with someone new he/she only want to talk what they do on a daily basis.  Don was genuinely interested in my role with IWU.

As our lunch continued, we visited about our families, talked about work, but eventually got to both our passion…basketball.  Don, like myself, is a former basketball coach.  He coached at Peru High School in the girl’s program.  It was great to reminisce about teams, players, and seasons.

Don speaking at RTVWhat I realized about Don was that he was a great listener.  Many leaders do not listen well – they would rather others listen to them.  I believe Don is an effective leader because he is caring, concerned for others, and shows compassion where needed.  3Rivers has a wonderful leadership team, in large part, because they have a great coach…Don Cates.

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