Build Your Career Here by Victoria Sarjeant

I (Jim) was recently interviewed for this article.  Here is an excerpt.  Follow the link at the end to read the entire article. 

Theresa Steele“Theresa Steele, owner of Steele Business Coaching suggests talking to a recruiter, HR specialist or life coach. While she hasn’t done this herself, she believes a Life Coach could certainly help in this area if you are looking to make a serious life change. I know many of you are probably like me and think of Paris Gellar’s life coach from Gilmore Girls. Don’t worry. They are a little more serious than that. If you want to shop around for quotes on life coaches, go to Thumbtack and enter in in your needs, the way you want to meet, frequency, and more!

The next expert I talked to was Jim Johnson, Vice President of Member Services at 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union. Many may know Jim from the popular new professional development group, First Fridays. “I’ve counseled many folks seeking new employment. I’ve advised them to identify their gifts, talents and abilities. A person may be seeking a different career, but that does not have to mean that they should ignore what they uniquely have within them. Look for a new career that addresses their strengths. For example, if the person has teaching experience, a training position could be a good fit.” Personally, I have seen this career change work well first hand. I have seen two teachers make a change into advisors and become very successful. Sometimes they find that helping someone one on one is just more rewarding.”
Read the rest here:  Build Your Career Here
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