Lunch with a Leader – Brian Dumford

Miller Poultry

Miller Poultry is a family-owned business for over 80 years working in the poultry industry.  This company moves over 100,000 chickens a day in their Orland, Indiana plant from beginning to packaging for sale in store.

Brian DumfordBrian Dumford is the VP of “Peep” for Miller Poultry.  No, not the little yellow yummy chickens we eat at Easter each year, but he oversees the Human Resources Department for Miller Poultry.

Brian has been a passionate leader in the Fort Wayne area for many years.  As a devout family man and a father of three boys, he has been active in leadership wherever his employment has taken him.  Leadership has its challenges no matter what company you work at and Miller Poultry has their own as well, but Brian is working daily with Executive Leadership to develop growth and support for their multi-cultural work force.

I loved Brian’s sense of humor and warm personality.  He was honest about the challenges he faces, but with time and building relationship, he believes Miller Poultry will continue to grow for greater things in the days ahead.  Brian also has spent time with the plant workers on the line serving and learning how the system works on a daily basis.  There is little doubt to why Brian Dumford is a leader to follow.  Genuine, Passionate, Caring…that is Brian Dumford.

You can connect with Miller Poultry at

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Written by:  Jere Johnson

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