How to Build Networking Momentum

So you’ve met some new folks at First Fridays or at another networking forum.  You’ve exchanged cards.  You’ve had a nice conversation.

What’s next?

Call them.  Email them.  Invite them to lunch to continue what you’ve started.

Caution:  don’t make the next contact a commercial for what you do/sell.  Look to deepen the relationship.  How do you do that?

Spend time getting to know this other person.  Ask great questions.

  • What are their biggest challenges right now?
  • What book(s) have they read lately that really made them think?
  • What does their ideal customer look like?  If you know this, you’ll be able to help them find new contacts/customers.

That’s just a start.  Invest in getting to know the other person.  Find ways to add value to them.

Here’s the secret:  this effort will come back to you.  If the relationship you are building is built on mutual respect, both of you will benefit from it.

Look at your calendar.  Find a couple of days that you could meet for lunch or coffee.  Now contact that person you’ve recently met and set an appointment.  Prepare for your meeting with some great opening questions.  Be prepared to listen.  Be intentional about your time investment with them.

Network.  Grow.  Impact.


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