Leadership: What Not to Do – reflections on the Catalyst Leadership Experience

curtis smith


Curtis Smith, Director of Community Outreach, Parkview Health, was the final speaker at yesterday’s Catalyst Leadership Experience.  Curtis presented a powerful message based upon his own experience in transitioning from a career as the most respected meteorologists in our area to his current role.  He was vulnerable, honest, and candid.



Here are some excerpts from his presentation on Leadership:  What Not to Do:

  • Absent Leadership
    • bad leaders tend to hide
    • your team always desires some form of leadership
    • be present – be there for them!
  • Micro-Managing
    • nobody wants this!
    • a great question to ask when a problem arises:  “who should own the problem?”
    • leaders – don’t do more than you should
    • empower your team – don’t empower yourself
  • Connect on a Human Level with your Team
    • know things such as their birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, etc.
    • invest in your team on a personal level
  • Don’t be too Buddy-Buddy
    • maintain professionalism
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
    • each team member brings different talents to the team
    • meet them where they are
    • help your team members become the best version of themselves
  • Engagement vs Satisfaction
    • having a team member who is merely satisfied at work erodes trust and turns to discontent and unrest
    • you need your team members to be engaged in their work


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