The Spirit of Giving

I am so proud of my Member Services team here at 3Rivers.  We decided to adopt a family this Christmas through Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Project Incentive.  A group of ladies on my team stepped up to organize this, and they have done extremely well.

We learned that the children we had “adopted” were sleeping on air mattresses.  One of my team leaders told me, “Every child should have a bed to sleep in” and that kicked off the idea to hold a silent auction to raise money to purchase beds and mattresses.  We needed 4 in total.

Well, yesterday the silent auction was held.  My team raised over $600.  Beds had already been purchased.  Mattresses will now be able to be purchased.  Bedding is already donated by my team.

I love seeing the spirit of giving well up in the hearts of people.  As I used to tell my children when they were younger, we do good deeds for people in need.  My team exemplifies this.

Adopt gifts 1

Some of the items sold in the silent auction

adopt gifts 2

Gifts, groceries and presents for our family

adopt gifts 3

2 of the 4 beds my team bought for our family


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