Catalyst Leadership Experience

If you are like me, you want to grow as a leader.  To grow, I need to be challenged with new ideas (whether I agree with them or not!).  I need to hear from different perspectives. I need to network and connect with other leaders. I need to be inspired and motivated.  I need to think.

On January 9, 2018, leaders in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area have an opportunity to grow.  The Catalyst Leadership Experience is happening on that day at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne.  There is still time to register (see link below).

What will happen there?

“Start 2018 off with the right Catalyst! It’s about value and it’s about time… Outcomes to this event? Interactive discussions with senior executives and leaders, a networking event, panel discussions, tools, and hands on application and activities to many real-world leadership topics. YOU determine and decide what workshops you want to engage in throughout the day. These engaging workshops are lead by over 15 thought leaders from around the area. This is unlike any other event you’ve attended before. For $189 per attendee, you will receive training materials, a networking event, lunch and snacks throughout the day!”

Speakers include:

  • Retired Col. Perry Collins
  • Former Congressman, Marlin Stutzman
  • Scott Druhot, CEO
  • Curtis Smith
  • Jerry Youngblutt
  • Mark Hagar
  • and many others

Register today for this exciting leadership event.  Follow this link to register:

Register for the Catalyst Leadership Experience




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