How do You Grow as a Leader? Network!

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s Monday morning!  Don’t ask me that right now!  I got frazzled manout of bed and I’m working on my 2nd cup of coffee.  If I make it to work on time, I should get an award!”

Ok, so maybe it’s not that bad.  But, seriously, how are you doing in the area of personal/leadership growth and development?

You already know that there are a lot of ways to do this:

  • Attend a conference
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read an article
  • Read a book
  • Find a mentor
  • Hire a coach
  • Network

Wait, networking can help you grow and develop as a leader?  Yes!  But how?

We all naturally through ourselves into our work and our corporate cultures.  We should.  But there is a subtle “danger” to doing this and this alone.  We can develop a (not physical) form of ocular myopathy – decreasing mobility of our eyes – or we lose context of our jobs, our corporate culture, and our company’s impact on the community.  A community filled with people.

Networking gets us out of our offices and gets us in front of people.  People who think differently than we do.  People who impact the community differently than we do.  People who are growing differently than we are.  Networking helps us see the world around us differently – it gives our vision mobility!

If you have been looking for a networking opportunity, First Fridays may be something you should check out.  It’s different – on purpose.  We know it’s not for everyone.  But we believe it works for many.

Our goals are straight forward:

  • Provide an opportunity for area leaders to come together to learn and grow in their leadership abilities. But it’s not a class.
  • Provide an opportunity to hear area leaders share how they, the teams they lead, and the company they lead are working to positively impact the community. It’s an opportunity to learn what leadership looks like outside of our own worlds.
  • Spotlight the positive organizations here in NE Indiana. We live in a great part of the country, and what goes on in our corner of the State is impacting the world as well as the communities they serve.

There are many networking choices.  Chose one!  But we invite you to visit First Fridays.  Here is what is happening on December 1 from 8-9 am:


RSVP here to secure your free ticket (seating is limited):  December 1 First Fridays Free Ticket

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