Why You Should Be Doing Business In Northeast Indiana … Right Now

At the First Fridays event yesterday, we heard from 2 leaders from the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. They gave us a great overview of all the Partnership is doing to help Northeast Indiana grow, prosper, and succeed. Here’s a look at their website and why Northeast Indiana is great for business.

1.    Doing business costs less here.

From our status as a right-to-work state to our affordable operating costs, Northeast Indiana is a top contender for businesses looking to open or relocate. Northeast Indiana’s diverse target industries make for a dependable and reliable workforce, too. The Fort Wayne area has a large and educated workforce with high employment concentrations in defense and high-tech communications, food processing, insurance, logistics, medical devices, and vehicle manufacturing.

2.    A talented workforce lives here.

Businesses in Northeast Indiana have access to one of the largest concentrations of New Tech schools in the country and more than a dozen colleges and universities in the region. Almost two-thirds of the 6,569 associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees awarded in 2014 by universities in the Fort Wayne region were in business, engineering, computers, math, or healthcare. We partner with the Northeast Indiana Works and WorkOne Northeast career centers to invest in our region’s talent and support our employers’ needs. We are deeply committed to improving the educational and career outcomes for children and adults throughout the region. Our Big Goal is to increase the percentage of residents in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area who have a higher-education degree or credential to 60 percent by 2025.

3.    The heart of the Midwest shines here.

Welcome to Northeast Indiana, a place where you belong. We’ve proven to be a hearty and highly innovative place thanks to our welcoming business landscape and developed infrastructure. In Northeast Indiana, you get more than a central location; we are only two hours from Indianapolis and three hours from Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Whether you’re looking to open a new business or looking to relocate, the Fort Wayne–area infrastructure makes doing business easy and affordable. Our friendly demeanor, reliability, and generosity continue to attract new businesses and people to the region.

4.    We love our entrepreneurs.

Read the rest here: http://neindiana.com/northeast-indiana

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