Women’s Conference Info – Vendor Tables

If your company/organization would like to have a table at the June 7 Women’s Conference displaying info about what you do, here’s how to do that:

At the top of our website, you will a link that reads “2019 Women’s Conference Info”.

Womens Conference page info

When you click on that, you will see the times of the conferences and a link to register.

link to register

When you click on that, it will take you to the registration site.  If you are a member of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc., use your sign-on to enter the registration site.  If you are not, click on the other option.

On the registration page, click on the drop down to:

  • register for a seat
  • register to reserve a vendor table for your company/org
  • register to reserve a table in the event hall for guests of your company/org

Vendor Table

Follow the prompts for your information and payment.  Thank you for your support!

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Sharing a Resource: Korn Ferry

I read an interesting article earlier this morning in the Harvard Business Review.  It was entitled, “Self-Disrupt or Be Disrupted” by Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm.  The gist of the article focused on how leaders in the future need to prepare today to address the competition and challenges they will face.  Or as Korn Ferry writes:

“Competitive advantage will come with leaders who can connect resources and people adeptly to build an innovation ecosystem.”  

They write that in order to do this, leaders and companies must start the process of disrupting leadership development now or find themselves behind the pack.  They briefly touch on 5 core qualities in this new leadership skillset.

Leaders need the ability to:

  1. Anticipate changes
  2. Drive themselves and the company to flex to answer the changes
  3. Accelerate toward the change vs waiting to see what everyone does
  4. Partner with those that are kindred spirits in the challenges of change
  5. Trust leaders and processes that will pave the path to sucess

To learn more about Korn Ferry and ideas such as these, visit them at https://www.kornferry.com/

Korn Ferry.JPG

The Best Leaders are Continually Learning

Leadership Challenge bookThe book, The Leadership Challenge, is coming up on my reading list.  Author James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner share the following in the first chapter of the workbook.

“The best leaders are continually learning.  They see all experiences as learning opportunities.  But there’s one condition.  Rich insights only come from reflections and analysis.  Unexamined experiences yield no lessons.  If you want to become a better leader, you need to study your own performance and become more conscious about the choices that you are making and how you are acting on your intentions.”

So how does the process of “reflections and analysis” happen?  Let me offer some suggestions as to how to put these thoughts into practice.

Conferences/Seminars:  After a conference/seminar has concluded, take time a few days later to review the notes you took.  Be sure to clarify notes that were written in haste so you understand your own impressions.  Look for action steps you can take based upon your notes.  Create an action journal where you can record the intentions you plan to act upon.  Set a goal, deadline, and follow through.

Books:  As you read, mark sections that “speak” to you.  Get in the habit of writing down notes in the margins.  When you have completed your reading, go back over your highlights.  In your action journal, record ideas that have come to mind that you can take action on.  As with the conferences/seminars, set goals, deadlines, and follow through.  Take this a step further and share with someone else what you have learned.

Forums:  First Fridays is a leadership networking forum where we hear from local leaders and are challenged through a wide variety of topics.  Take notes.  Review your notes.  Record something in your action journal that you can apply to your work life, personal life, and community life.  Keep the learning going from a forum by applying it.

I believe a key to taking action is to take action soon.  Don’t think “I’ll review my notes in a month or so”…it will never happen.

It is very important for leaders to learn, but without application, it was just time spent.  To turn that time spent into an investment, take action on what you have learned.

  • Record your learning and set action plans in an action journal.
  • Share your learning with a colleague.
  • Teach others what you have learned.
  • Seek out leadership blogs and participate in an online conversation.
  • Follow a leadership author on LinkedIn and find even more content to learn from.  Share appropriate content with others.

Kennedy on leadership and learning

First Fridays is Expanding Again!

Do you know what excites us?  This!

3 First Fridays flyers

First Fridays started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in November, 2017.  We helped launch First Fridays Cincinnati in 2018.  And on June 7, 2019, First Friday Indianapolis North will launch!

We are excited about helping leaders grow and network in 3 major cities now!  We are grateful for Indiana Wesleyan University National Global for hosting these events.  We are grateful for the dynamic speakers we have introduced our communities to.  We love our leaders who are committed to becoming better in order to help their communities become better and stronger.


Leadership Development Every Month

img_1194Why come to First Fridays Fort Wayne?

I’ve had this asked of me many times.  I typically ask this question as part of my response:

What are you doing right now to develop as a leader?

Many (most?) leaders believe in leadership development.  In some companies, they intentionally develop the leaders within their organization.  But that is rare these days.  So individual leaders are left to find opportunities to develop themselves.

First Fridays Fort Wayne is a fantastic opportunity for you to receive high quality leadership development each month.  And the only invest you need to make is time.

One of our “regulars” at First Fridays Fort Wayne has told me and has also written this on LinkedIn, “why would you miss the chance to hear outstanding leaders and be exposed to excellent leadership content?” 

Months ago, I was stopped downtown by another “regular” who told me, “Thank you to you and your brother for creating First Fridays.  I’ve grown so much.  I’ve never been around so many like-minded people before.  It’s great.”

It has been said many times “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If that concerns you, invest your time with area leaders who attend First Fridays.  You will have the chance to build lasting relationships.  You will be challenged by outstanding leaders our area has been blessed with.  You will help other businesses grow while your own business will grow – referrals are a natural by-product of First Fridays!

We are wrapping up Season 2.  We will kick-off Season 3 on September 6.  We hope to have our speaker roster posted soon.  If you have yet to attend a First Fridays Fort Wayne event, our next events are:

  • May 3 with Jim Wilcox.  Register for free at:  May 3 with Jim Wilcox
  • June 7 Women’s Conference at the Mirro Center.  Cost is $20 for this 3 hour event (breakfast included).  Reserve your spot here:  2019 Women’s Conference


May 3 First Fridays Speaker Announced!

We are excited to announce our May 3 First Fridays Fort Wayne Speaker – Jim Wilcox!

May 3 2019 Jim Wilcox promo flyer

Sandler Training


Jim Wilcox is the President and Owner of Wilcox & Associates, a Sandler Training & Consulting Company.  A clinically trained Trauma Nurse from IWU (Indiana Wesleyan University), Jim has consulted in several start-up companies including one of his own which he successfully grew and sold during his 10 year ER Tenure.

Jim brings a unique perspective and passion towards business with over 20 years of experience in sales & sales leadership and successful business start-up experience. It’s this perspective & passion that has propelled Jim and his team into being one of the top 250 Sandler Franchises in the world.

Jim will certainly add value to our local leaders on May 3.  Be sure to invite a colleague to attend with you!

This event will be on Eventbrite.com soon.  Remember, the event is free, but we do require registration as seating is limited.