The Joy of Connecting Others

I know many of you love to network. Hey, it’s one of the reasons you have attended a First Fridays Fort Wayne monthly event! One of our goals has always been to help leaders connect/network with others. I want to challenge you to, ask Emeril Lagasse would say:

Find someone you can help connect with someone else. Why?

  1. You probably know someone who could add value to this other person. A simple introduction could literally change someone’s life.
  2. Someone may be looking for a new career. Listen to learn what they are seeking. Then work to connect them to the appropriate people who may have a lead or another connection that will take them further on their job journey.
  3. Someone may be seeking advice from someone else who has already been down the road they want to be on. You will find that leaders can be pretty generous with their advice when they know that they could play an important role in someone else’s life path.
  4. Connecting others also will broaden your own network. You will learn new things. You will meet new people. You will gain a new appreciation of your community.

How do you find people to connect with others?

  • Attend networking events to meet new people.
  • When you meet someone new, ask great questions to discover their:
    • Passions
    • Interests
    • Dreams
    • Career goals
  • And then think. “Who do I know that would make a great connection for this person?”
  • Then act. Contact that person(s) you just thought of and volunteer to set up a meeting between the two. If it is appropriate, be at this meeting to make the introductions and then simply watch and listen.

There absolutely is joy in connecting others. You help others find and add value. You encourage someone along their life’s journey. You help make leaders get better.

And when leaders become better, your community becomes better.

What’s Next for First Fridays?

About a week ago, Jere, Rob Kee, and Jim had a planning session where a new event was being planned. We have our assignments and will be sharing about this soon.

First Fridays Fort Wayne has always made it our goal to add value to others. This event is being designed to do just that. It addresses the economic environment we are all in currently. Stay tuned for more information.

The First Fridays Fort Wayne Board met yesterday. We are excited about Season 4 starting back up in September. We have our line-up of dynamic speakers. We have been in contact with Lutheran Hospital to find out how the pandemic might be still affecting our new location at the Kachmann Auditorium. When we find this out, we will be sharing this with all of you.

We appreciate your participation and support you’ve shown during this pandemic. We were able to pivot and keep our leadership content flowing virtually.

Don’t forget that First Fridays Fort Wayne as a YouTube channel. Our regular, monthly presentations can be found there as well as our very popular High 5 video interviews of local leaders. You can find us on YouTube at this link:

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Our Purpose:                                                                                                      

To encourage leaders to grow by:

  • Learning what leadership looks like in area organizations
  • Networking with area leaders
  • Being exposed to a variety of meaningful topics presented by dynamic, compelling leaders & organizations in the Greater Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Who attends First Fridays Fort Wayne?

Area leaders from any organization: 

  • C-Suite
  • VP, Executives
  • Business owners
  • Middle Managers
  • Emerging leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students preparing for leadership roles

Lunch with a Leader – Sabrina Moon

sabrina moon

Jere Johnson and I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Sabrina Moon to enjoy a time of refreshing fellowship the other day.

Sabrina, CEO of the Problem Solving Institute, is a local of the Northeast Indiana area. She moved away for a period of time in order to follow her career as a corporate leader, coach and trainer.

As part of Dr. Brené Brown’s global team of Certified Facilitators, she provides Dare to Lead™ coaching and training to a broad range of organizations from manufacturing, automotive, supply chain/logistics, chemical and the healthcare industry. In addition she serves Executive/C Suite, Directors, Managers, Engineering/Tech, Front Line Supervisors and the workforce.

Sabrina weaves together a strategic partnership of diverse leaders with a wide range of industry experience to ensure the Problem Solving Institute are highly qualified to respond appropriately to the varied needs of their clientele.

Sabrina Moon is an incredible resource to our community. For more information on how the Problem Solving Institute can partner with you in the attainment of your corporate goals refer to the links below.

Problem Solving InstituteWeb:

Thank you Jesus Rosario for connecting us.

Submitted by: Rob Kee and Jere Johnson