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mta sa dayz gamemode


I dont really know what i am doing wrong, but when i start server it starts with MTA :SA gamemode, not DayZ. I've added everything in acl and. This gamemode for Multi Theft Auto (MTA) aims to recreate the ArmA II modification "DayZ". This repository serves as a "hub" for the development of MTA DayZ, a gamemode which is akin to the DayZ mod for ArmA II, only for MTA (Multi Theft Auto). Thank you for downloading "MTA:DayZ", a gamemode similiar to DayZ by aim is to survive the post-apocalyptic world of San Andreas by scavenging for food. Open MTA:DayZ is a gamemode for Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, aiming to recreate the popular ArmA II Mod DayZ in MTA. - Citizen01/open_dayz. Changelog of DayZ v .. Maximum rate: 2 shots per second (2 times higher than default GTA:SA firing rate); Increased reloading time for some rifles like AS50 TWS Most gamemode features depends on player level now; Character skills. I could make a PUBG-style game mode based on the MTA:DayZ resource. It would look and work like MTA:DayZ but it would be played in. It's the best camo for the tent of DayZ Gamemode! Copy and put the file firstfridaysfw.com in "server\mods\deathmatch\resources\[DayZ-MTA]\DayZ\items". -

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